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Not even gonna try to play coy — this is totally happening RIGHT NOW as we speak in the next chapter of City

I don’t know if this is my brain’sway of distracting me from RL stuff I could be having a breakdown over but I keep coming up the weirdest fragments of fics (all involving Peeta)

  • what if Peeta was allergic to strawberries 
  • Peeta singing in the shower
  • Peeta talking with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth

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I wantsssssss

“I was wondering what you were doing out here.”

“Oh, you know. Regretting not staying in there with you, mostly.”

She feels her cheeks getting warm. “Too bad you couldn’t do both.”

“Well, I was kind of thinking about breakfast in bed. But someone doesn’t sleep long enough for that to happen.”

SSS- If The City Never Sleeps (Then That Makes Two) chapter 22.

“Happy anniversary, by the way.”

Anniversary. Her hands still. “I’ve been here a month?” she asks.

“To the day,” Peeta says brightly. “Weird, right? It’s like I can’t decide whether it feels like you’ve been here longer or like you only just got here.”

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If you were a victor of the Hunger Games, what would you want your talent to be? Also, I <3 you! :)

Hey! You’re back!! I <3 you, too!!

I wouldn’t want to be a victor, but assuming I was … well, I think that poetry or writing wouldn’t be allowed (I don’t imagine a lot of literature is openly available in panem) so … painting, probably. I’m not very good at it (I only started at Christmas) but it’s the only thing I can think of that would be allowed. 


like my status if youre ready for middle school and youre leaving all the drama behind you

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in case you need some encouragement today, IT’S ONE DAY CLOSER TO AUTUMN. one day closer to jeans and boots and scarves and sweaters and beautiful trees and frost on the grass and actually wanting to go outside and cooler temperatures and happiness.

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I didn’t think that they would, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the people I follow for making good choices because none of the hacked photos have shown up on my dash today. 

My dash was also free from illegal/indecent/immoral activity. Thank you.


I think a big part of why I read way more fanfiction than books is that there’s just a hell of a lot less exposition

the first 10 pages of most books are always “these are the main characters and here’s some background on each of them and this is the setting etc etc” and it’s such a fucking hassle getting to the plot sometimes

fanfic is just like “fuck it you know all of this already let’s go”

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do dogs think in barks

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